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  Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
Rugged, reliable drive solutions for a variety of demanding applications
Micro Drives
NEMA 4X Washdowns
Sensorless Vector Drives
Integrated Drive Systems
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Engineered, Application Specific Drive Solutions
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Custom Engineered
Experience driven solutions from the leader in engineered control systems

With engineering experience and complete motor control system production capabilities, Benshaw delivers all of the competence, convenience and value you'd expect from a leader in egineered control systems.

Whether you need simple modifications made to one of Benshaw's standard drive packages, a custom engineered, application-specific drive package or a turnkey drive system, Benshaw's engineering teams and application specialists can help you find a cost-effective, reliable solution.

Quality Assurance Testing

Benshaw assembly teams perform a preliminary quality assurance inspection before delivery is made to functional test cells. Drive assemblies undergo a variety of testing procedures, including motor operation testing, load testing, control circuit testing, wire pull testing, electrical performance checks, mechanical alignment inspection, torque measurement and user interface/pilot device functionality.

All test procedures meet or exceed ISO 9001 requirements, and all tests are documented and archived for quality verification

  • Standard NEMA 1, 12 and 3R enclosure designs
  • Custom enclosures
  • NEMA 4, 4X, air conditioned and other special enclosures
  • Motor control centers
Combination Drive Packages:
  • 15 to 2000 amp circuit breakers
  • 40 to 2000 amp non-fused disconnects
  • 30 to 800 amp fusible disconnects
  • Flange or rotary handle mechanisms
Bypass Packages:
  • Two contactor
  • Three contactor
  • Reduced voltage solid state starters
Control Modifications:

Over 250 control modifications and accessories are available from Benshaw, including:

  • Pilot devices
  • PLCs
  • Control power transformers
  • Switches
  • Meters
  • Relays
  • Space heaters
  • Protective devices
  • Line reactors (3% and 5%)
  • Long lead filters
  • Active and passive harmonic filters
  • 18 pulse systems

An optional dual redundant design configuration is also available when mission critical reliability is important for your application. Our municipal projects and engineering team will work with you to configure a clean power drive package that meets your specific requirements.

2013 Product Catalog (13500Kb)
Variable Frequency Drives (1100Kb)
Remote RTD Manual (1200Kb)
RSi GX Series Sensorless Vector Drive Hardware Manual (4200Kb)
S4 Series Sensorless Vector Drive Manual (11400Kb)
RSi SG Sensorless Vector, Variable Frequency Drive Manual (3000Kb)
Rsi SG Series VFD DeviceNet Option Board User Manual (1400Kb)
Rsi SG Series VFD Profibus Option Board User Manual (1400Kb)
Rsi SG Series VFD LonWorks Option Board User Manual (1400Kb)
Rsi SG Series VFD BACnet Option Board User Manual (1400Kb)
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2013 Benshaw CatalogAdvanced Controls & Drives
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